College/University Plans, Training & Exercises

College/University Plans, Training, And Exercises

Colleges and universities have many unique challenges when it comes to the safety and security of their students, faculty, and staff.  Whether it is the many geographically spread out buildings, the wide open spaces students transit on a daily (and at times hourly) basis or the multiple mass gathering places on campus, PLE professionals understand how to help university leaders understand the planning process and the safety options for their individual campus.  PLE Group has security professionals on staff who have worked on campuses from adjunct professor to department chair.  We understand many of the challenges that make the university setting so unique and complex.  We can help with crisis management solutions for individual crises in individual buildings or multiple crises in multiple buildings.  We will tailor our consulting to the needs of your organization.
  • Crisis management plans for one building
  • Crisis management plans for multiple buildings
  • Crisis management plans for the entire campus
  • Classroom training for crises ranging from the more common emergencies (e.g. evacuate a building) to the truly catastrophic (e.g. active shooter)
  • Training exercises from table-top to hands-on, integrated events

And please do not forget, PLE has the ability to conduct security assessments of buildings, plans, and procedures.  This, when coupled with our other services, can help you establish a fully integrated safety and security plan for your campus.  If PLE can help you with any or all of these, please feel free to call and discuss your needs with us.  We look forward to more fully understanding your needs so we can help you and your students.