Plant Closure & Downsizing

Solutions for Unique Security Problems

Plant closures and downsizing present unique security problems for corporations. The announcing of a plant closure or large-scale downsizing may result in retaliation by a company’s employee (s). It is during these times when companies are most vulnerable to critical acts such as:

  • Product tampering
  • Theft of product and equipment
  • Threats against executives and their families
  • Sabotage to equipment and facilities
  • Bomb threats
  • Other acts intended to disrupt company operations

A Unique Approach

PLE Security & Investigations, distinguishes itself from similar entities by such critical factors as:

  • On-site Survey: At your request, a PLE representative will perform an on-site visit to your facility and develop action plans and procedures to protect your employees and assets during a Plant Closure or downsizing action. PLE does not charge a service fee to perform an initial on-site survey.
  • Experience: PLE Security & Investigations management team has provided plant security closure and downsizing security since 1984.
  • Professionalism: Our well-trained crisis response teams are a necessity and a true asset during plant closures and large workforce reductions.
  • Non-confrontational Approach: Officers follow a strict code of conduct, whereby PLE enforces a “no weapons” policy and officers wear non-confrontational uniforms.
  • Credibility: A background check and drug test is conducted on all of our Security Specialists.
  • Evidence: Trained evidence technicians understand the importance of documenting illegal activity through the use of video cameras and detailed incident reports.
  • Equipment: PLE Security Specialists utilize state-of-the-art camera equipment to include low-light and night vision when necessary.

Our Commitment to You

PLE Security & Investigations is committed to safeguarding your facilities, employees, and other assets. We will minimize any security problems that affect you, your customers or your employees. Our goal is to help you maintain a safe, productive workplace.


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PLE Group Security & Investigations, also known as PLE Group, provides quality security, investigative, and protective services to its clients.

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