Executive Protection Services


Committed to You and Your Company

PLE Security & Investigations has developed its Executive Protection Division to include experienced professional teams and proven programs that ensure the security of corporate executives, their families, and employees.

An effective protection team and a proper security plan are key to maintaining an executive’s stable work and/or family environment.

Our professionally trained teams have extensive experience in government, corporate and private sector personal protection assignments. Your personal protection team is designed to:

  • Meet your individual needs and particular situation
  • Operate with a high degree of sensitivity to your right to privacy and complete confidentiality
  • Complete assignments with the least amount of intrusion into your personal life, while maintaining your safety

Protection with a Distinctive Difference

At any given time, you, your family, or your employees may become involved in a high-risk situation – whether due to notoriety, unfamiliar situations, or volatile workplace conditions. The Executive Protection Division of PLE can provide the safety, security, and peace of mind you deserve.


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