High Risk Terminations


Workplace Violence: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

PLE Security & Investigations is committed to safeguarding you, your employees and your facilities in high-risk termination matters. Our goal is to minimize your exposure to violence and to maintain a safe, productive workplace.

Workplace violence is occurring at an alarming rate. Many workplace violence matters are encountered when an “at-risk” employee is terminated.

Characteristics of those employees who may have a propensity for violence include:

  • Possible substance abuse problem
  • Easy access to weapons
  • Socially isolated from others
  • History of aggression
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Few, if any, outlets for anger
  • Feeling of victimization – blames others for his/her life disappointments
  • Unstable background

When your company needs to terminate an employee who has demonstrated one or more of the above characteristics or other characteristics indicating a propensity for violence, protective services are appropriate to reduce the risk of violence to other employees.

PLE has developed its executive protection division to include experienced, professional teams that utilize techniques proven to ensure the security of your company’s employees. An effective protection team and a proper security plan are key to maintaining a safe work environment. PLE’s high-risk protection team is designed to:

  • Meet your individual needs for specific high-risk situations
  • Handle potentially violent situations in the most appropriate and effective manner through conflict management
  • Operate with a high degree of sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Complete assignments with the least amount of intrusion into the day-to-day activities of your company

Psychological testing and profiling are available to clinically assess the threat potential of individuals. These services, available throughout the United States, are provided through PLE partnerships with local and national groups of board-certified psychologists.

Coupled with PLE protective services, psychological testing and profiling provide the most comprehensive high-risk termination management system available in the industry.


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