Houses Of Worship


Houses of Worship of all faiths have the same goals.  Those goals almost always include the spiritual growth of the men, women, and children who come to the ministry.  Doing this safely and securely is an important feature in the operation of every House of Worship.

PLE has professionals on staff who have worked diligently and discreetly with houses of many faiths.  In some cases, we have helped establish a safety and security plan that is consistent with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s guidelines outlined in its Developing High-Quality Emergency Operation Plans for Houses of Worship allowing the House leadership to train their staffs in how to respond to almost any emergency.  In other cases, we have helped spiritual leaders by writing policies and/or conducting training in:

  • Congregation security
  • Risk assessments
  • Sanctuary management and security
  • Protection of financial assets
  • Protecting youth ministries
  • Reunifying children with parents after a crisis
  • Ministry protection
  • Physical security assessments
  • And many others

PLE can help your spiritual focused team improve its safety and security by conducting assessments, helping write and understand security and safety related policies (for pastoral and board consideration and approval) and in training the staff and congregation in how to respond to emergency events through basic to advanced training exercises and events.  If we can help you help others grow spiritually, please call us!