Commercial Intercom Systems


Keeping unauthorized individuals out of a facility is a key component of an effective security system. Ideally, exterior doors at your facility should remain locked at all times and all visitors directed to enter through a single central access point. Intercom systems include many features and are a great way to screen visitors before allowing them to actually enter your facility.

The intercom system consists of two main components; the master station and the door station. Door stations are installed at the entry point(s) that visitors use to gain access to the facility. This unit is typically mounted in a convenient location next to the door. The visitor will then press the “call” button that will audibly alert those seated near one of the master stations that someone is requesting entry. The master station is typically installed at a receptionist’s desk or other areas where the staff is present. Once the master station user answers the incoming call, audio communication is established and the visitor can be screened. If the user wants to allow the visitor entry into the facility, the door release button can be pressed and the door will be released.

There are three main types of intercom systems: audio only, audio/video, and combination systems. Audio only systems are capable of voice communication only. They are typically used in applications where the master station user is in a direct line of sight with the door that is being secured. Audio/video systems include both audio and video communications. When a call is initiated from the door station, the master station includes both a microphone for audio communication and a video screen that shows the live video at the door station. These systems are typically deployed in areas where direct line of sight to the door is not available. Combination systems contain multiple doors that require a mix of both audio-only and audio/video door stations.