Safety Spectrum – Quick Reference Guide


Security Systems

PLE’s Safety Spectrum is a convenient quick reference guide that encompasses the critical emergency protocols that any staff member in charge of any students might need. The protocols listed in the Safety Spectrum mirror those protocols that are contained in the master crisis management plan. Features and Benefits of the Safety Spectrum include:

  • There are seven color-coded tabs that improve the ease of use of the Safety Spectrum.
  • Besides the complete table of contents near the front of the book, each of the seven section’s contents is again listed on the back of each tab.
  • Certain phrases or words are highlighted to emphasize critical components of each emergency protocol.
  • The back cover was designed to be longer than the front cover in order to protect the tabs, therefore, making the tabs less prone to damage.
  • The appendix, which is located in the rear of the Safety Spectrum, has a sample incident report and bomb threat checklist that can be used if necessary.
  • The last six pages of the Safety Spectrum are blank pages where school or classroom specific information can be added by the school district.
  • The inside of the back cover contains a pouch in which additional school or classroom specific information, such as the classroom student roster, can be kept.
  • The Safety Spectrum is Compact in Size (8 ½ x 5 ½).
  • The Safety Spectrum is spiral bound thus making it easy for the user to quickly turn the pages.
  • The Safety Spectrum is professionally published, using only high-quality materials.


The Safety Spectrum contains only the protocols that would be needed by staff members in the event of an immediate crisis. Having these protocols immediately available when a crisis occurs can improve the response to the crisis and therefore improving the safety of the students and staff members.

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