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With the increasing incidence of school tragedies, Americans have realized school security is critical for the educational process to occur.

The only guarantee to reliable and safe resolutions to these unpredictable incidents is prevention and preparation.

PLE Group is the premier company in the development of Crisis Management Plans and school security. PLE Group has more than 20 years of professional experience dedicated to safety and security.


The purpose of PLE Group’s school safety plan is to provide a more secure environment for students and staff members, to take a proactive stance for student safety, to identify potential crises and how to respond to them, and to help school districts comply with their state and local laws pertaining to school security issues.

PLE Group’s expertise brings safe and sound results for its clients. For example, a central Ohio school district was the target of a lawsuit filed by one of its citizens concerned by the lack of parental and community participation in the development of the school prepared crisis management plan.

PLE Group was engaged by this district to develop a school safety plan that would comply with the school safety plan section of Ohio’s Senate Bill One (ORC 3313.536). The school board adopted the school safety plan developed by PLE Group and submitted this plan to the court. After the courts review of the comprehensive school safety plan written by PLE Group, the lawsuit was dismissed.

PLE Group is available to provide individualized crisis management plans for any school district. Such plans evolve from on-sight visitation of facilities, surveying of specified community elements, and writing plans uniquely tailored for each building.

Many states have passed legislation compelling schools to create comprehensive school safety and crisis management plans. Ohio, as mentioned above, passed legislation specifically requiring school districts to prepare school safety plans and in doing so each school district must comply with the following:

“…adopt a comprehensive school safety plan for each school building under the board’s control. The board shall examine the environmental conditions and operations of each building to determine potential hazards to student and staff safety and shall propose operating changes to promote the prevention of potentially dangerous problems and circumstances. In developing the plan for each building, the board shall involve community law enforcement and safety officials, parents of students who are assigned to the building and teachers and non-teaching employees who are assigned to the building. The board shall incorporate into the plan BOTH of the following:

  • A: A protocol for addressing serious threats to the safety of school property, students, employees, or administrators.
  • B. A protocol for responding to any emergency events that do occur and that compromise the safety of school property, students, employees, or administrators.

Each protocol shall include procedures deemed appropriate by the board for responding to threats and emergency events, respectively, including such things as notification of appropriate law enforcement personnel, calling upon specified emergency response personnel for assistance, and informing parents of affected students…”

PLE Security & Investigation’s school security staff consists of experienced security personnel, all of whom have expertise in a broad range of security concerns. Not only is it vital to implement school security with expert oversight, but it is also the law in many states. Let PLE help your district develop its safety plans.

For Information regarding PLE’s School Safety Plan, contact Craig Hoschouer at 800-288-2949 or email

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