Security Assessment


With increasing frequency, schools are realizing that the lack of security at their facilities may contribute to unauthorized access, thefts, vandalism, assaults or other violent criminal acts.  A security vulnerability assessment is an effective tool in helping reduce crime in the educational environment.  PLE Security & Investigations performs security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and provide school administrators with methods of reducing risk and therefore minimizing their exposure to unnecessary liability.  This survey includes:

v     Pre-survey Process

  • Gain general information about the school system itself and the surrounding environments.
  • Thorough analysis and familiarization with the layout and blueprints of the school.

v     School Policy Review to include specific areas including, but not limited to:

  • Student dress codes and parking
  • Visitor sign-in, identification, and tracking

v     Floor Plan and Site Plan Review

  • Review and become familiar with points of ingress and egress to site
  • Review and become familiar with points of ingress and egress to school buildings

v     On-site Physical Assessments

Considerations & Points of Interest include:

  • Perimeter security
  • External and internal lighting
  • Perimeter doors, locks and hinges
  • Key control
  • Use of covert and overt cameras
  • Communications
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Electronic access control systems
  • Landscaping considerations
  • Parking lot design

v     Administration of on-line Surveys with School Administration, Teachers, Hourly Employees, Students, and Parents

  • Determine vulnerabilities as observed by those at the school
  • Use of anonymous on-line survey format allows for the user to feel more comfortable in answering the questions.

v     Review Surrounding Crime Statistics

  • Determine possible threats to the neighborhoods surrounding the school
  • Evaluate the problems that exist around the school

v     Interview with Fire and Police Chief

  • Establish concerns of fire and police chiefs
  • Determine response times and capabilities of each entity

v     Prepare Written Report and Present the Recommendations

PLE Security & Investigation’s investigative staff consists of well trained, experienced security personnel, all of whom have experience performing security assessments, writing security procedure and crisis contingency plans.  The entire PLE Security & Investigations staff is committed to the success and improvement of the schools in your district and will work as a partner to improve the protection of students, teachers, administrators, staff, facilities, and other valuable assets. 

 For Information regarding PLE Group’s School Safety Plan, contact Craig Hoschouer at 800-288-2949 or email Craig Hoschouer.


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