Commercial Security Cameras


There are many reasons to install a Video Surveillance System in your facility, whether it is to monitor workplace safety, employee compliance, manufacturing process monitoring, etc., PLE Group will design a system that will meet and exceed your needs and expectations. PLE Group can also service existing surveillance systems and can make recommendations on upgrading and replacing outdated or defective components.

Advantages of Camera Systems

·         Camera systems can allow you to check multiple areas of your facility quickly without having to physically go to each area

·         Cameras can help reduce product shrinkage by offering a visible deterrent as well as help identify employee theft

·         Camera systems can be used to monitor processes and help improve productivity

·         Camera systems now have the ability to be viewed over your local area network or anywhere with internet access


Camera System Components

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) provides a simple means of storing video from the cameras. Each camera is connected to the DVR with a video cable (Either Coax or Cat5e). The DVR can be remotely viewed when connected to a network switch. DVR’s can support anywhere from 4-32 cameras depending on the model. Storage capacities range from 500GB to 8Tb (External storage can be added to achieve even more space).

Security Cameras can be mounted almost anywhere. Some cameras are more versatile than others but no camera is able to cover all scenarios. It is extremely important to select the camera that matches your application. See “Camera Types” below for descriptions.

Power Supplies provide power to each camera. A power wire is run from each camera to the power supply and connected to a fused input. Power transformers can also be used to power single cameras in certain situations.

Monitor’s are connected to your DVR and show your cameras and the on-screen menus. You can use a normal computer monitor but a security monitor is recommended. Security monitors are typically made to be powered on for longer periods of time and usually carry longer warranties. Security monitors also use a BNC type connector, which allows a monitor to be installed further from the DVR than a VGA monitor (computer monitor).