Strike Security Management


PLE is available to assist in all areas of strike policy and procedures, assessing potential risk, developing contingency plans, providing security and evidence documentation teams, and providing executive protection for management. A vital part of the PLE team is our Crisis Management Security Specialists. They are experienced, highly disciplined individuals who serve as a cost-effective resource to protect human and physical assets during times of labor unrest.   When requested, PLE will furnish professional security protective services to assist our clients in protecting their employees, visitors, property, and assets during strike-related conditions.

PLE employees will provide documentation of illegal or inappropriate union activity/unfair labor practices through the use of video cameras, detailed incident reports, and evidence gathering. This documentation will be provided to our client’s legal counsel. Legal counsel will then determine whether to involve law enforcement or file unfair labor practice charges against the union.   PLE performs our strike security services 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our Security Specialists and supervisors work twelve-hour shifts each day. PLE will provide all reasonable supervision, labor, uniforms, equipment, tools, materials, supplies, and incidentals necessary to perform said services.