White Collar Crime Investigations


It is an unfortunate reality that workers’ compensation has become a regular occurrence in today’s workplace. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Workers’ Compensation costs industry an estimated $7.2 billion in 2007, approximately 10% of all claims. Even more unfortunate though is the growing number of individuals who fraudulently claim to be injured and seek benefits and compensation for which they are not entitled. 

Every $1 spent on worker’s compensation anti-fraud efforts yields a $6.17 return

–       California Insurance Department study

In most cases, the savings realized by successfully documenting workers compensation fraud surpass the costs associated with conducting them. Simply put, these investigations more than pay for themselves.

Our highly trained team of investigators help our clients (large and small business employers, claims adjusters, third-party administrators, and self-insurers) protect themselves from becoming victims of workers’ compensation fraud. Using lawful covert surveillance techniques, PLE’s experienced investigators will conduct surveillance in a non-intrusive, legally sufficient manner. We document and preserve video evidence of fraudulent activity and then work closely with our clients and/or their legal counsel in preparation for possible judicial or administrative proceedings. We pay special attention to all state and federal statutory restrictions, carefully avoiding invasion of privacy issues. All information and activity documented must be done in such a manner as to be legally sufficient and admissible in any legal or administrative hearing. It also must be easily defensible from the counter-claims (liability) often made by subjects.

In many instances, having an outside investigative agency obtain witness and subject statements in some cases makes better operational and financial sense. Many of our investigators are former law enforcement officers and have extensive experience in conducting interviews and eliciting admissions from individuals involved in illegal activity.


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